Where Did Your Childhood Memories Go?

childhood memories childhood trauma mental health Oct 18, 2022

 We as humans suffer from multiple forms of amnesia. One of the most distressing to people is when they can’t remember important events or people in their lives. And this oftentimes happens when we are in such a stressed state of mind that we can’t later recall what happened.

Think about this, have you ever been in a mental fog and you feel like you completely lost track of time. Or if you’re driving a car or taking a train somewhere and then suddenly you arrive and you’re like, oh, we got here, that felt like a short ride, and it seemed like your mind was gone for a second. That’s a really mild and benign version of what I’m getting ready to talk about, which is more severe memory loss.

But What Happens When We Experience Trauma?

When we experience traumas in our lives, we sometimes experience what is called dissociative amnesia, or big memory gaps.

And all that means is that you might forget a lot more because you were in a stress response when the event happened. It can be temporary, because some people can actually start remembering what happned, or for those who forgot their childhood, bits and pieces start coming back of what that childhood was like. 

When experiencing this type of short-term memory loss, you typically can't recall information about yourself or events and people in your life, especially from a traumatic time.

And any given episode of this type of memory gap can last minutes, hours, or rarely, months or years.

This can be so distressing to people, because whole chunks of their lives are erased from their minds.

And people, many that I’ve interacted with tend to be really set on wanting to remember. But I always ask people, what is it that you think you would gain from remembering? And I think that’s a healthy question we should all ask ourselves. What is gained?

How a Therapist Can Help: 

  • Helping You Release Trauma
  • Helping You Process Sensory Recalls
  • Meditations That Help Your Memory
  • Brainspotting 

I cover more on this topic in my recent live on memory loss on Youtube. Check it out below:

What are your thoughts on lost memories? Let me know your thoughts below!


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