"Our humanity comes in layers.

Which is why healing must be multidimensional."


Welcome beautiful soul.



I’m Dr. Mariel Buqué, a holistic psychologist, Intergenerational Trauma expert, and sound bath meditation healer. I’m here to help you heal from emotional wounds and transition into a liberated version of yourself. 


“Taking sound baths to new heights.

Thanks for lifting us!”


Sound Bath Meditation Recipient

Free Sound Bath Meditations

Sound vibrations is ancient medicine practice for the soul. The vibrations themselves are known to recalibrate the mind and body and help with overall wellness and healing. 

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What is Generational Trauma?


This article offers a deep dive into the world of intergenerational trauma, the ways it forms through the generations, and ways you can begin to address it.




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Free Generational Trauma Meditation


Enjoy the healing vibrations of sound bathing as you dive into a meditative space around intergenerational trauma wound healing



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Free Mind, Body, Spirit Journal Prompts & Activities


This activity workbook offers you a deep dive into working on your mind, body, and spirit to start engaging in holistic healing.



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